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Statistics February 2021

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 Total HitsTotal Page ViewsCotent Calls (Statify)
February 202148.99125.4443.600
January 202158.69434.9534.321
December 202028.37213.2201.209
November 202018.7039.4601.888
October 202030.53915.0791.965
September 202030.01715.244611
August 202015.7498.016397
July 202023.0919.815690
June 202024.2529.731673
May 202025.12811.697276
March 20209.2744.1901.198
February 20209.9865.153400

Hits: A Hit actually refers to the number of files downloaded on the site, this could include photos, graphics, etc. Includes all actions by members of this blog.
Page Views: Each individual webpage a visitor views is tracked as a page view. Includes all actions by members of this blog.
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Hosting9,50 €
WordPress-Theme0,00 €
Gema20,00 €
Content 148,14 €
Total costs177,64 €

„MR.ED hört Musik“ is nothing more and less than a „fanblog“. I do not earn money with that. The only reason for this is: Sharing electronic music I like with other people. I pay for the music and pay for a GEMA license which allows me providing music on my website for streaming.

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